ABOUT Doc B. Wildman

Doc B. Wildman is an American experimental electronic, hip hop, and IDM music producer and live performer based in Richmond, VA. Doc has produced and composed multiple releases under various aliases since his first independent release in 2004. Covering a spectacular spectrum of styles with ease, through solo Doc B. Wildman productions and with collaborative projects 1UPYO, BumpREC, P Nimble, Dogfaced Boy, McLaw’s Drive, Loop, Richmond Banks Music or other permutations, Wildman has begun to establish himself as electronic music’s true Jack of All Trades.

The first release as Doc B. Wildman, ∞ Mind, was released independently in 2013 and featured Doc’s ability to rework obscure disco samples into Nu Disco grooves. Wildman has a strong background in both acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and he was able to quickly navigate both components in his role as the primary composer and producer of 1UPYO‘s 2013 EP The Moment is NOW. The 2014 1UPYO concept album Bye Time, demonstrates Doc’s ability to produce and compose a full-length LP for a full band, and a variety of guest artists. Love Mind, a love themed EP featuring obscure soul samples creatively processed, and Doc’s uniquely designed drum sounds; was another of Doc’s 2014 releases.

On 01/09/2015 Doc B. Wildman released I.T.E.P., an EP full of original electronic music.  Doc also continually updates his Soundcloud playlist of remixes.

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