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[New Music] Salva – Peacemaker Mixtape – FREE Download

FREE DOWNLOAD of PEACEMAKER from LA-based producer Salva. DOWNLOAD here.

Full length Rap mixtape produced by SALVA. Featuring Freddie Gibbs, E-40, Schoolboy Q, Young Thug, Kurupt, Problem, Ballout & Tadoe, Paul Fisher, Ruckazoid, Starship Connection, Psyde, Bad Lucc, MPA Shitro. Recorded at Red Bull Studios – Los Angeles, CA.


#34 – Clark – Clark – Feel Connected Top 50 albums of 2014

Feel Connected Top 50 albums of 2014

#34 – Clark – Clark (Warp)

Clark’s eighth full length studio album, Clarkskillfully merges a spectrum of musical styles including: techno, electro, classical, ambient, and post-rock. Released on November 3, 2014.

“Music is like sculpture. It’s like trying to capture a moment of ultimate momentum, and distill it forever” – Clark, August 2014

“It straddles this fine line of being ultimate bliss and sadness at the same time. I find this emotional terrain compelling and keep on coming back to it. I need that epic sense of closure”. warp.net