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Phish – UMass Student Union Ballroom (SUB) – 2/17/1990 – REMASTERED – Sick video!

Phish – UMass Student Union Ballroom (SUB) – 2/17/1990 – REMASTERED

Thank you PositronicDesign for sharing this amazing footage. He or she shared their thoughts on youtube:

On the occasion of it’s 22nd Anniversary. Extremely rare, never-before posted footage. Full concert by Phish at the UMass Amherst Student Union Ballroom. Produced by David Caputo of Positronic Design, The SEO Company in association with The Weekly News and UMass Radical Student Union and Social Thought and Political Economy Department (STPEC). Filmed with permission of the band. Amazing AC/DC Bag. Whole show was great. Room was electric. Widespread Panic and Gene Matthews opened up.

Original video completely remastered with high-quality synched audio by Clinton Vadnais.


Watch Muse Live From Wembley Stadium – June 16, 2007

Muse – H.A.A.R.P. Live From Wembley Stadium 2007

Click to Purchase H.A.A.R.P. Live From Wembley Stadium 2007

No CopyRight Infringement Intended. All rights reserved to original owner (Muse)

00:00:08 : Dance Of The Knights
00:01:50 : Knights Of Cydonia
00:08:20 : Hysteria
00:12:30 : Supermassive Black Hole
00:16:40 : Map Of The Problematique
00:21:50 : Butterflies And Hurricanes
00:28:00 : Hoodoo
00:31:30 : Apocalypse Please
00:36:20 : Feeling Good
00:40:10 : Invincible
00:45:50 : Starlight
00:50:10 : Improv
00:51:00 : Time Is Running Out
00:55:10 : New Born
01:04:40 : Soldier’s Poem
01:07:00 : Unintended
01:11:50 : Blackout
01:16:20 : Plug In Baby
01:21:20 : Stockholm Syndrome
01:29:20 : Take A Bow

01:30:00 : Credit’s Song: Blackout (Orchestral)


Watch Nirvana Live at Reading Festival Aug 30, 1992 (full concert)

This legendary performance begins with Kurt Cobain coming on stage in a wheelchair, a reference to his recent stays in rehab to beat his drug addiction. NME reports that Dave Grohl was convinced that Nirvana’s headline appearance at Reading Festival in 1992 would end their career.

“Kurt had been in and out of rehab…People weren’t even sure if we were going to show up.”

Grohl added that even he wasn’t confident that the band would be able to pull the gig off.

“We rehearsed once, the night before, and it wasn’t good. I really thought, ‘This will be a disaster, this will be the end of our career for sure.’ And then it turned out to be a wonderful show, and it healed us for a little while.”

Live at Reading was released on CD/DVD on November 2, 2009.

1-the rose (intro) 00:00
2-Breed 01:30
3-Drain You 04:40
4-Aneurysm 08:35
5-School 13:10
6-Sliver 16:22
7-In Bloom 18:37
8-Come As You Are 23:10
9-Lithium 26:45
10-About a Girl 31:57
11-Tourette’s 35:05
12-Polly 37:01
13-Lounge Act 39:50
14-more than feeling (cover) 42:50
15-Smells Like Teen Spirit 43:28
16-On a Plain 48:45
17-Negative Creep 51:44
18-Been a Son 54:40
19-All Apologies 58:00
20-Blew 01:01:30
21-Dumb 01:06:52
22-Stay Away 01:09:37
23-Spank Thru 01:13:08
24-Love Buzz 01:16:14
25-smoke on the water (cover) 01:20:10
26-The Money Will Roll Right In 01:21:11
27-D-7 01:23:25
28-Territorial Pissings 01:27:10
29-the star spangled banner 01:29:28

Unreleased Radiohead Songs That Are Possibilities for 2015’s ‘LP9’

‘Cut A Hole’ Live from February 2012 in MiamI

Jonny Greenwood perform “Loop” Live from February 2014 with the London Contemporary Orchestra at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station.

‘Skirting the Surface’ Live from March 2012


Sing Happy Birthday to the Blueprint & Read our fav Jay Z quotes

Watch Jay-Z (Ft. Eminem) perform Renegade Live

JayZ copy

 A wise man told me don’t argue with fools
‘Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who

They giveth and they taketh, life is cool that way
But even a broken clock is right at least two times a day

Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself

I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of not trying

I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man ~

So far ahead of my time, about to start another life,  look behind you I’m about to pass you twice


Watch Arcade Fire – Live at Madison Square Garden in 2010

Travel back to the year 2010 and couch tour with Arcade Fire – Full show 1080p

Arcade Fire – Live from MSG, NYC (2010)

0:35 Ready to Start
4:52 Neighborhood #2 (Laika)
9:31 No Cars Go
15:16 Haiti
20:43 Empty Room
24:05 The Suburbs
29:14 The Suburbs (continued)
30:06 Crown of Love
35:11 Rococo
39:58 Intervention
44:41 We Used to Wait
49:53 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
56:16 Rebellion (Lies)
1:02:10 Month of May
1:06:59 Keep the Car Running
— encore break —
1:13:11 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
1:18:36 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
1:26:41 Wake Up


Watch David Byrne LIVE – Sessions At West 54th (November 15, 1997) – Time traveling couch tour

Travel back in time to 1977 & go on couch tour with:

David Byrne – Sessions At West 54th (November 15, 1997)

Song list:
“Fuzzy Freaky,” “Making Flippy Floppy,” “Take Me To The River,”
“Help Me Somebody,” “Dance On Vaseline,” “Back In The Box,”
“Miss America,” “Psycho Killer,” and “I Zimbra.”


Flying Lotus – Live at the Tower Theater (Upper Darby, Philadelphia PA) (10/14/2014) – Video

Watch Flying Lotus perform live

Flying Lotus-Live at the Tower Theater (Upper Darby, Philadelphia PA) (10/14/2014)


Watch VELVET UNDERGROUND LIVE – Filmed by Andy Warhol BOSTON ’67

FYI: only known color footage of The Velvet Underground
FYI: filmed by Andy Warhol in 1967