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Phish – UMass Student Union Ballroom (SUB) – 2/17/1990 – REMASTERED – Sick video!

Phish – UMass Student Union Ballroom (SUB) – 2/17/1990 – REMASTERED

Thank you PositronicDesign for sharing this amazing footage. He or she shared their thoughts on youtube:

On the occasion of it’s 22nd Anniversary. Extremely rare, never-before posted footage. Full concert by Phish at the UMass Amherst Student Union Ballroom. Produced by David Caputo of Positronic Design, The SEO Company in association with The Weekly News and UMass Radical Student Union and Social Thought and Political Economy Department (STPEC). Filmed with permission of the band. Amazing AC/DC Bag. Whole show was great. Room was electric. Widespread Panic and Gene Matthews opened up.

Original video completely remastered with high-quality synched audio by Clinton Vadnais.


PHiSH LIVE July 6, 1998 at Lucerna Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic

Stream the full PHiSH concert

July 6, 1998 at Lucerna Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic

Set 1:

Set 1: Buried Alive, AC/DC Bag,Ghost,Cities,Limb By Limb,Train Song,Roggae,Maze, Golgi Apparatus

Set 2:

Set 2: Julius, Meat, Piper, Makisupa Policeman,David Bowie,Loving Cup Encore: Possum

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COURTESY OF: Team HOOD (2005 Remaster) –


VIDEOSource: Hi8 Master (Clone) – Provided by Unidecker

AUDIO ATTRIBUTESSource: FOB Schoeps mk4 (mics in hat) –kcy — VMS 102b — DA-P1@44.1KHz (DANKSEED:http://db.etree.org/shninfo_detail.ph…) Editing:FCP 4.5, DSP 2.0,Capture/Author/Synch: Harry Hood

Uploaded File Attributes:

Video Format: AVC,Codec ID: H264,Bit rate: 8002 Kbps,Width: 720 pixels, Height: 480 pixels,Frame rate: 29.970 fps,Standard: NTSC

Audio Format: PCM, Bit rate: 1 536 Kbps, Sampling rate: 48.0 KHz, Bit depth: 16bit


Watch Phish – 08/29/1992 – Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA – Opening for Santana

Phish – 08/29/1992 – Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA – Opening Set for Santana
Great quality video from 1992, the heyday of Machine Gun Trey! The jams are sick!

Set: Chalk Dust Torture, Rift, Bouncing Around The Room, Maze, You Enjoy Myself*


SOURCE INFO: Proshot — 2nd Gen VHS — DVD (Author Unknown) NTSC – Audio: SBD Audio

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Watch Phish “You Enjoy Myself” – 07/02/10 – LIVE

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.35.27 PM

Travel back to the year 2010 to go on Couch Tour with Phish

Phish “You Enjoy Myself” – 07/02/10 – LIVE 

Phish – 7/2/10 “You Enjoy Myself” from Phish on Vimeo.


Phish’s Anniversary Montage from Fleet Center 12/2/2003

PHiSH -20th Anniversary Video Montage- 12/2/2003 Boston, MA. This half hour video played in the Fleet Center during set break, and consists of footage of the band progressing through the years. It began with extremely early footage of the band playing “Fluffhead” in what appears to be a dormroom, and ran through video of such famed shows as The Alladin Theater, the “Dog Log” show, Halloween 94 and 95, NYE 94-98, as well as several clips of Cypress and the reunion show.

Check out this Pollock designed holiday card in celebration of Phish’s 20 anniversary 12/2/2003, for sale here

Setlist from Tuesday, 12/02/2003 FleetCenter, Boston, MA – courtesy of phish.net
Set 1: Harry Hood > Cavern, Birds of a Feather, Ya Mar, Horn > Piper > Anything But Me, Water in the Sky, Down with Disease

Set 2: Rock and Roll -> Weekapaug Groove-> Tweezer Reprise > Frankenstein -> Kung -> Frankenstein, All of These Dreams, The Wedge, Boogie On Reggae Woman > Cities > Maze, Waste
Encore: Bug

This gig commemorated the 20th anniversary of the first Phish show. In the audience, a section of seats were roped off to make way for a music stand. The music stand held a three-ring binder that contained lyrics from the Phish canon, but it did not play an active role in the performance. Ya Mar contained teases of The Tra La La Song (One Banana, Two Banana). At the end of Disease, a video screen descended behind the stage. As the house lights remained down, a 25+ minute video was played featuring retrospective highlights from throughout Phish’s career. Before the second set, Mike brought out a tray of desserts and shared them with fans in front of the stage. Highway to Hell was briefly teased by Trey before Rock and Roll. Weekapaug was unfinished. Tweezer Reprise included lyrics (sung by Trey) from Mike’s Song. Appropriately, the post-show house music was the Beatles’ song Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (which begins with the lyric, “It was twenty years ago today…”).

“Terrapin Station” – Phish – 8/9/1998 – Virginia Beach

Doc was in attendance when Phish debuted “Terrapin Station” under a full moon in Virginia Beach on 8/9/1998, the third anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death.

Terrapin Station – Phish – 8/9/1998 – Virginia Beach

The crowd’s reaction to the first signature guitar lick created crackling energy, which is palpable on quality recordings. Though Phish hasn’t revisited it since, Trey and Page played an extended “Terrapin” in their Phil Lesh & Friends engagement in April 1999, and Trey joined Phil again for a lovely Terrapin on 6/30/06 in Camden, NJ.